Screens and Separation Equipment

Integrated Engineering Solutions

Screens and Separation

We offer innovative solutions for the whole sector of wastewater process, clarification process, and sludge treatment.

Industries we serve

- Animal breeding
- Breweries
- Chemical
- Construction material
- Dairies
- Disposal
- Food
- Sewerage Pumping Station
- Sewerage Treatment Plants

Septage Receiving Station

The septage receiving station screens and processes sewage discharge from tankers. The system ensures cleaner handling of sewage truck waste by screening and separating unwanted solids such as debris, rocks, rags, plastics and heavier solids.

Corodex Septage Receiving Station

Noggerath Combined Pre-treatment Unit

A range of combined treatment systems that integrate screening and grit separation with the option of fat, oil and grease (FOG) removal, all within a single package unit.

Corodex Combi Unit, Mirfa STP

Passavant Screw Press Sludgless

- High quality combined machines to receive and pre-treat any kind of effluent
- Used for separation of suspended solids from the liquid, washing and compaction, dewatering of .the screenings, separation and dewatering of the sand

Corodex Screw Press Sludgless

Noggerrath Vertical spiral sieve screen

- Fine screening, washing and dewatering in one unit
- Simple retrofitting, stainless steel encapsulation
- No bearing in touch with the effluent
- Eliminates pumps clogging

Corodex Vertical Spiral

Passavant Multi Rake bar screen

- Automatic stripping device by means of stripping ledge
- Reverse operation to remove obstacles in the bar rack
- No dead spaces (deposits) in front of the bar rack when using curved screen bars
- Individually replaceable sprocket teeth on the drive unit

Corodex Multi Rake

Passavant Cable Operated Bar screen

- Drive unit mounted on the clean outside of the screen belt, no impurity on drive elements, good accessibility during maintenance
- Drive and guidance without chains, wear-resistant, ease of maintenance
- Honeycomb screening element with extremely high open area of up to 90%

Corodex Cable Operated Bar screen

Noggerath Rotary Drum screen

- A combined machine consisting of a screen, a spiral conveyor and a compactor. The rotary drum is installed at an angle of 35° in the channel
- We bring you two revolutionary concepts; a double filter system with which it is possible to operate both a pre-filter and a fine sieve
- The sieve drum and the spiral conveyor are independently driven

Corodex Drum Screen RSI-DF


Penstocks and sluice gates are used for water supply, wastewater treatment, sewer systems and flood protection

- Modes of Operation: Manual, Electrical drive, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Solar driven
- Maximum safety, spindles rolled not cut, optimized welded construction for long service life
- Individually customized, also available as Weir sluice, Overflow Weir, Relief Gate and Backwater Flap
- Low maintenance, therefore low running costs

Corodex Penstock
Integrated Engineering Solutions

Franklin Miler is a US manufacturer of grinding and shredding equipment to suit entire spectrum of application including sewage, industrial, marine, food and beverage. Product line includes:

- Grinders
- Shredders
- Crushers

These units play a critical role in wastewater treatment, septage receiving, industrial process and waste, pulp and paper, agricultural facilities and food processing.