Laboratory and Process Instrumentation Equipment

High Purity Solvents, Acids and Reagents


Solvents, Acids and Reagents are manufactured to a very high degree of purity, so much so that impurities can become more apparent when compared with lesser 'analytical' grades. Indeed, it is this purity that allows today’s analysts to rapidly identify and determine components in their sample, without wasting time on resolving true sample signals from a background of reagent impurities.



Product Line

  • Super purity solvents
  • Ultra purity solvents
  • Anhydrous solvents and KF reagents
  • Super purity solvent mixes
  • Ion-Pair and buffer reagents
  • BioPure solvents and reagents
  • High purity process solvents
  • Super purity acids and reagents
  • Ultra purity acids and reagents
  • Certified reference materials
  • Traceable volumetric reagents
  • Solvents and acids for general use
  • Salts and reagents for general use


  • High performance liquid chromatography
  • Gas chromatography and capillary gas chromatography
  • Ultra-Violet spectroscopy
  • Infra-Red spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Non-aqueous titrations
  • Trace element analysis
  • Combinatorial chemistry and organic synthesis
  • Liquid scintillation counting
  • Molecular biology
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