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With high quality products, consumables/accessories and comprehensive services, HACH is your ideal partner for water analysis. Providing cost effective solutions for all your process needs and provides a complete suite of analytical online measurement instrumentation and integrated network solutions.


SC1000 Controller

  • Digital controller for up to 8 digital probes and analysers
  • Cost effective can be upgraded any time
  • Integration of existing measurement signals
  • Comprehensive control and calculation functions
  • Simple operation with portable touch screen
  • Remote data transmission and remote control

The SC1000 is ideal for multi-parameter tasks in small plants, remote areas of a plant, or surface water quality stations.


SC200 Universal Controller

The SC200 Universal Controller is the most versatile controller in the market. The new SC200 controller is the only controller that allows the use of digital and analog sensors, either alone or in combination, to provide compatibility with the broadest range of sensors with advanced features for easier operator use.

The SC200 controller platform can be configured to operate either 2 digital sensor inputs, or 1 or 2 analog sensor inputs, or a combination of digital and analog sensor inputs. Customers may choose their communication options from a variety of offerings ranging from MODBUS RTU to Profibus DPV1.


SOLITAX sc probes for Turbidity and Total Suspended Solid

SOLITAX ts-line sc online suspended solids probe with a combined infrared absorption scattered light process for measuring turbidity and high sludge levels independently of coloration in water (e.g. in the sewage plant outfall or in surface water).


Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO)

LDO dissolved oxygen probe with luminescent technology. New generation digital communication between probe and controller. No interferences with H2S and reducing or oxidizing chemicals.

  • Cost-effective aeration control via the drift-free optical measurement method
  • Superior accuracy due to factory, temperature controlled 3D calibration

Ammonium / Nitrate Probe - AN-ISE sc

Ammonium and Nitrate are key parameters in sewage treatment plants. The ability to record and manage these parameters reliably plays a major role in efficient plant management.

The new AN-ISE sc sensor means only one measurement needs to be taken. Ammonium and nitrate concentrations can be accurately recorded with real-time automatic compensation for potassium and chloride interferences by the ISE probe. With no sample preparation required beforehand, the parameters can be measured during the actual process, ensuring less interruption, reduced costs, time and maintenance.


AS950 All Weather Refrigerated Sampler

  • Easiest and most intuitive operation
  • Most convenient data transfer and programming available
  • Confidence in your sampling process
  • Resists corrosion
  • Accurate and consistent sample preservations

Online Monitoring Equipment and Analyzers - Power Generation and Oil & Gas



The Water Analysis Experts for Power Generation

With more than 60 years as the leading expert in water quality analysis, you can trust HACH’s knowledge and our responsive support team to address your unique needs for water and steam applications throughout your entire process.

HACH provides laboratory, online, portable, and service solutions for routine and challenging power plant applications. HACH has the most comprehensive coverage of ultrapure, pure, and non-pure water parameters and the breadth of product solutions to support fossil power plants and nuclear power plants.


HACH 5500 sc Silica Analyzer

  • 90 days of continuous runtime
  • Save time on maintenance
  • Avoid downtime
  • Clean, fast and easy reagent change
  • Verify easily with lab products so you don’t waste time for the second guess

TOC Analyzer - Bio Tector B7000 / B3500

  • Worry-free TOC
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Small footprint critical wall space savings
  • Reagent costs that don’t kill the bottom line
  • One instrument for multiple streams

Sodium Analyzer - One / Multi channels

  • Continuous on-line monitor for direct measurement of sodium in power generation processes
  • Easy to install, operate, calibrate and maintain
  • Adaptable to a variety of conditions
  • Lower detection limit of 0.01 ppb

Orbisphere Low Range Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

  • Maintenance-free optical oxygen sensor for power plants
  • One calibration per year (low cost retrofit)
  • No membranes to replace and no electrolyte solution to replenish
  • A new level of confidence

Oil in Water and Hydrocarbon Analyzer - FP360 sc

UV fluorescence analysis is a sensitive method to determine Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in water showing a strong correlation to the content of oil in water.

Measured is the intensity of radiation from a sample which absorbs light at a shorter wavelength and emits light at a longer wavelength (fluorescence). PAHs are the integral parts of most mineral oil products and thus a very specific indicator of oil contamination in water bodies and process water. Different kinds of oils show different radiation characteristics. For quantitative analysis, a correlation has to be determined.


Orbisphere Portable Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

  • Measures within 0.1 ppb for trace level accuracy; high sensitivity
  • Very fast first result -- typically from saturation to 2 ppb in 3 minutes; no"warmup" required for accurate measurement
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