The Nutriox process:
Nutriox is an entire process assuring protection and optimal dosing.

• Analysing your system:
Yara H2S abatement experts make initial on-site problem assessments. Our experts take the time needed to understand your specific situation. They carry out an in depth H2S survey on the wastewater system to identify the potential problems. Based on gathered data and proprietary Nutriox dosing models, your specific dosing and control strategy is established.

• Setting up a trial phase:
In a pre-dose monitoring phase, trial equipment can be installed, so that dosing can begin. A Nutriox controller determines the right amount of solution to be applied to achieve optimal results. Efficiency of the trials is monitored by Yara H2S experts.

• Selecting optimal equipment:
Nutriox includes a range of dosing controllers developed by Yara, from basic to state-of-the-art equipment. We assist you in choosing the equipment best suited for your installation. Our in-house engineers develop the software to assure dynamic, cost effective dosing based on multiple indicators: the amount of bacterial activity and H2S production, the dimensions of your network, the temperature and wastewater flow.

• Monitoring the process:
The blend that corresponds to your needs is automatically injected where and when it is required, together with the right quantity of specific bacteria. You can choose our state of the art IDA controller, linked to our web based eNutriox data viewing service, so as to monitor dosage from a distance and check the results at any time.

• Sustained prevention:
Nutriox creates perfect conditions for a biological selection of bacteria population, enhancing Nitrate Reducing Bacteria and depressing Sulphate Reducing Bacteria, thus preventing septic conditions. Your monitoring record will demonstrate the absence of H2S, whilst in the previously un-dosed period there were high levels of H2S in solution.

• Continuous evaluation and optimisation:
Our experts are regularly present by your side to ensure that all of the Nutriox system is running smoothly. They are on call whenever you need them.


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