Corodex Filters and Softeners

Corodex Filters and Softeners


Corodex is the leading supplier of components used in the water treatment equipment. Our components include a complete line of water softener control valves, drinking water filters, residential Reverse Osmosis membranes and a unique line of dry-pellet chlorine disinfection devices. These products also include solenoid, staging, bonnet and other valves for industrial and commercial use.

How Water Filters & Softeners Work:
For both steel and fiberglass models, inlet raw water is directed “down flow” through the filter media and out of the bottom distributor. With proper choice of filter media, the result is clear filtered effluent.

In order to maintain proper filtration, the filters require periodic backwash to remove accumulated solids.

Backwash is accomplished by reversing the raw water flow upwards through the filter media at the proper rate to remove solids. For automatic models, either steel with diaphragm valves or fiberglass with top mounted brass control valve, initiation backwash can be done by time clock, pressure differential switch, or manually by pushbutton. Both steel and fiberglass models are available in manual models. Backwash should be initiated whenever 5 to 8 lbs. of pressure drop occurs between the inlet and outlet of the filter.

For water softeners backwash is required to clean the resin inside the vessel. Also regeneration process takes action between the resin inside the vessel and the salt inside the brine tank, the purpose of this process is to refresh the resin.


Stager Controls
These controls combine a stager with a reliable timer. Stagers are initiated by time clock or impulse controls. The cycle times are programmable to accommodate a wide range of application.