SNF Floerger

SNF Floerger


SNF FLOERGER is today’s leading producer of flocculants for water treatment with unrivalled expertise in the field of flocculants. It has over the last few years, branched out into the production and marketing of superabsorbent products for personal hygiene and agriculture, as well as a range of conditioners and thickeners for the textile and cosmetics industries.

SNF Flocculants Polymers:
Flocculants clarify water by combining with suspended solids, in such a way as to enable these particles to be separated quickly and easily from the water.

SNF Super Absorbents:
Super absorbent swells on contact with water. It is able to absorb many times its weight in liquid and this ratio can rise to more than 500 times its weight, in the case of super absorbents for agricultural applications.

SNF Thickeners, Coagulants and Other products:
Thickeners alter the viscosity and texture of products such as shampoos, creams and cosmetics and are also used in the textile industry and enhanced oil recovery.
SNF also manufactures coagulants, dispersants, deodorants, bleaching agents, antifoaming agents and oil absorbents.