International City – Palm Water – MBR


Test   Project Name :   International City, Dubai
  Client :   Palm Water Company
  Capacity :   1000 m3/day MBR
  Description :   EPC Contract to supply, install, commission, operate and maintain for 24 months of two membrane bioreactor (MBR) unit with the capacity of 500 m3/day each.


International City – Nakheel – SAF


  Project Name :   International city - SAF
  Client :   Nakheel
  Model :   1000-SAF
  Capacity :   1000 m3/day
  Description :   Fully packaged and compact sewage treatment plant. The plant consists of 4 parallel lanes, each of 250 m3/day capacity. Each lane includes a Balancing tank, Bioreaction tank, Disinfection tank, Sludge holding tank, Secondary Settling tank, a machinery room, and effluent storage tank.


ISAF Headquarter – SAF


Test   Project Name :   Alliance Const. & Logistic (ACLC)
  End User
:   ISAF Headquarter (NATO)
  Model :   EFLOSAF 450 ECS STP
  Capacity :   450m³/day


Dibba Al hisn – Sharjah Municipality – MBR


  Project Name :   Dibba Al Hisn, Sharjah, UAE
:   Sharjah Municipality
  Capicity :   10,000 m3/day Eflo MBR
  Client Need
:   Sewage Treatment for Dibba Al Hisn
  Effluent :   5mg/l BOD, 5mg/l Suspended Solds, 2mg/l NH4
:   EPC Contract to Design, supply, install, commission, operate and maintain EFLO MBR



ADSSC – Mafraq Labor Camp – MBR


  Project Name :   ADSSC – Mafraq Labor Camp
  Client :   Abu Dhabi Sewage Services Company
:   EFLOMBR-30000
  Capacity :   30,000 m3/day
  Description :   Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 30,000 m3/day sewage treatment plant for labor camp in Mafraq, Abu Dhabi


ADSSC – Zakher – MBR


  Project Name :   Zakher, Al Ain, UAE
:   Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company
  Capicity :   15,000 m3/day Eflo MBR
  Client Need
:   Sewage Treatment for Zakher, Al Ain.
  Description: :   EPC Contract to design, supply, install, commission, operate and maintain Eflo MBR Unit with the capacity of 15,000 m3/day.



ADSSC – Mafraq Phase1 – SBR


  Project Name :   Phase 1 of Mafraq WWTP
  Client :   Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company
  Capacity :   50,000 m3/day
  Client Need :   To expand the existing capacity by SBR at Mafraq WWTP
  Scope of Work :   Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 50,000 m3/day Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) wastewater treatment plant.




Atlantis – Palm Jumeirah - SAF


  Project Name :   EFLO SAF Sewage Treatment Plant
:   Atlantis - Palm Jumeirah
  Capicity :   2,000 m3/day
  Scope of Work
:   Treatment of sewage from Atlantis hotel. Specially designed EFLOSAF Air Diffusers allow for maximum air contract and flow direction within the biozone.



Occidental Mukhaizna – MBR


  Project Name :   Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant
:   Occidental Mukhaizna LLC Sultanat of Oman
  Capacity :   6000 m3/day
  Client Need :   • Supply of potable water to thermal plant on site for steam generation. The Treatment Plant was specially designed to treat the H2S in the water.
• Vacuum Sewerage System for labor accommodation 5000 inhabitrats, 7km of sewer line, 127 Vacuum Chambers (3”valve).
• 350 m3/day MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  Scope of Work :   Supply, supervision of installation, testing and commissioning of a water treatment plant.


ABM Military College - SBR


  Project Name :   Sewage Treatment Plant Utilizing UF Technology EFLO SBR
  Client :   ABM Military College – Private Engineering Office (PEO), Qatar
  Type & Capacity
:   EfloSBR with UF, 440 m3/day
  Scope of Work :   Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Supervision of Installation, and Commissioning.
  Project Details :   Sewage treatment plant utilizing Ultra-filtration technology to produce potable type water that was 99.7% free of suspended solids and free of viruses for unrestricted irrigation.  Plant incorporated sophisticated primary screening technology and environmentally friendly disinfection with Ultraviolet system.