Eflochem is the leading supplier of advanced chemical technologies and engineered treatment programs for influent water, boilers, cooling systems, wastewater plants and manufacturing processes. By preventing and correcting conditions that degrade performance in a broad range of industrial, commercial and institutional operations, these plant-wide solutions help customers improve productivity, reduce cost and meet environmental objectives.



•     Open Recirculating Cooling Water Systems
•     Closed Recirculating Cooling Water Systems (Chilled Water)
•     District Cooling Systems (Corrosion/Scale Inhibitors and Biocides)
•     Cooling Towers and Surface Condensers
•     Boilers and Condensate Systems (Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors)
•     Reverse Osmosis Systems (Antiscalants, Biocides & Cleaners)
•     Wastewater Treatment Systems (Defoamers & Flux Enhancers for MBR)
•     Potable Water Distribution Systems (Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors)
•    Stagnant Protection Programs for idle Systems
•     Well, Surface and Sea Water (Coagulants/Flocculants)
•     Network chemical flushing & disinfection works
•     Once-Through Systems (Corrosion Inhibitors & Biocides)  
•     Sludge Dewatering Systems (Flocculants and Coagulants)
•     Descaling and Chemical Cleaning Systems (Inhibited Programs)
•     Metal Surface Treatment and Passivation (Pickling And Passivation)



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