Corodex Under-Sink RO

Corodex Under-Sink RO


Residential and Domestic Water Purification Unit

High quality R.O. Systems specifically designed for residential applications. Under-sink RO systems are economical and highly effective in reducing total dissolved solids and eliminating pathogens. The system involves filtration pretreatment process for education of total suspended solids and elimination of odor, color and taste, bacteria and viruses to get healthy water.

Cartridge filter housing are made from high quality, and are available in many sizes.

The housings are made of high quality FDA grade AS resin and PP polymer.
• 1st stage 5 Micron sediment filter.
• 2nd stage Granular activated carbon filter.
• 3rd stage 1 Micron sediment filter.
• 4th stage Membrane element.
• 5th stage in line carbon filter.
• Booster pump 50 GPD / 75 GPD.
• Plastic pressure tank 3.6 G-white color.
• High pressure switch.
• Low pressure switch.
• Automatic shut off valve.
• Pen type flow restrictor.
• Faucet and installation kit included.

• Fully automatic control, simple and convenient.
• When water supply in the R.O. unit is stopped due to any reason, R.O. unit will stop automatically.
• When treated water storage tank is full, the R.O. unit will stop producing water automatically.

• Main unit dimension: 460 mm (L) x 320 mm (W) x 580 mm (H).
• Power supply: 220V/50Hz.
• Water supply: Tap water.
• Pure water productivity: 50 GPD.
• Inlet water temperature: 4°- 42°C.

Complete RO unit comes with a tank in one carton box, approx weight 17 - 18 kgs.

Note: Each carton box contains 1 extra cartridge  for each type.