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Since the very beginning in 1974 CORODEX concentrated on the improvement of water quality by means of filtration through granular filter media. A complete range of filter media is available for different raw water types. This has resulted in a unique range of filter media for all types of water.

Products have been selected from the best sources and because they have very special properties, i.e. ranging from low to high density, from inert to chemically reactive, from porous to non-porous and from top quality high value to low costs products.

We offer:
• Inert filter media for filtration of suspended solids.
• Filter media for deacidification, pH-increase, and remineralisation.
• Organic filter media for absorption.
• Inorganic filter media for ion exchange and absorption.
• Filter media for catalytic iron and manganese removal.
• Seeding material for crystallisation softening process.