Laboratory analysis - complete solutions for over 100 parameters

No matter how extensive and diverse the demands on water analysis may be, laboratory analysis from HACH LANGE is equal to the challenge. Consistent application-oriented design is its trademark with well thought-out, perfectly harmonized systems and measurement technology, consumables, quality control and accessories for more than 100 water parameters. HACH LANGE has all the prerequisites for verifiable results - whether in the laboratories of regulatory bodies, or for self-monitoring purposes or in the field.


DR 6000 UV-VIS with RFID Tech: demanding water analysis in the laboratory

The DR 6000 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer culminates from the experience of the manufacturers HACH and LANGE: high quality optics, fast scans and user friendly operation are essential in any demanding water laboratory. The key benefit include the versatility of the DR 6000. This is reflected in the multi cell holder, the cell modules, the high precision optics and more than 200 factory-installed HACH LANGE methods.



DR 2800 VIS: rugged instrument for use in the laboratory and in the field

The DR 2800’s reliable optical system ensures accurate results. Each wavelength is freely selectable, and the instrument’s memory can accommodate 50 user methods and up to 500 measured values alongside the 200 preprogrammed tests. The variable cell sizes enable readings to be taken across wide measuring ranges, from trace analysis to high concentrations in electroplating baths. Easily understandable menus and the large touchscreen helps prevent errors.



DR 800 series—Compact Colorimeters

The DR 800 colorimeters are designed for use in the field. They provide simple handling, using the latest technology with a rugged construction. The three models are configured for approximately 20, 50 or 90 water analysis tests, you choose the right instrument for your analysis.




POCKET Colorimeter II

• More than 30 flexible, single parameter instruments.
• Easy operation.
• Small enough for almost any pocket.
• Reliable results without a mains connection.
• Rugged construction yet lightweight.


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HQD Series:
HQD—digital electrochemistry for reliable and accurate readings of Temp. pH, Redox, conductivity,
TDS, Salinity, LDU, BOD, and Sodium.
• Digital Probes I - 30 m Cable.
• Excellent reliability and simple handling via automatic recognition of the electrodes (mix & match).
• High flexibility due to the storage of calibration data in the electrodes.

Confidence in your pH, Conductivity, Redox, Sodium and O2 readings:
HQD stands for High Quality Digital technology. The HQD meters can be integrated with accessories and electrodes. The special feature of HQD is the newly developed INTELLICAL electrodes: They store all relevant data in digital form in the electrode head. The system benefits from handy practical accessories for use in the laboratory and in the field. HQD measures pH, conductivity TDS, Salinity, Redox, Sodium and O2 more reliably and simply than ever before.

Mix + match for simple electrode handling:
So clever: INTELLICAL electrodes keep a record of their calibration data. This saves time and makes the process of changing electrodes even smoother. The electrodes are calibrated just once and are ready for immediate use with other HQD meters in the field.

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2100Q and 2100Q IS Portable Turbidimeter

The Hach 2100Q and 2100Q IS Portable Turbidimeters offer unsurpassed ease of use and accuracy in turbidity measurement. Only Hach offers this unique combination of advanced features, such as assisted calibration and simplified data transfer, and measurement innovation, giving you accurate results every time.



High temperature thermostat HT 200S:

The HT 200S—for highly efficient digestion

In just minutes, the HT 200S thermostat heats up to 170 °C and then cools down again. This saves valuable working time during and after the digestion! E.g. with the help of the HT 200S, COD results can be obtained in just 15 minutes digestion.



Dry thermostat LT 200:

Perfectly matched HACH LANGE measurement systems

For both standard and customized digestions, the LT 200 is the ideal complement to photometric measurement instruments. Available as a single or double block with different compartments for round cuvettes and reaction vessels. Benefits include: simple operation, great programming flexibility and reliable operation.




Portable microbiological


Digital titrator and cartridge
with delivery tube



Visual tests, e.g Color disks

Simple photometry. e.g
Powder Pillows, ACCUVAC

Cuvette test, e.g.

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