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Corodex Industries Partners with Biorem Inc for Bio-Friendly Odor Control Systems
(February 2012)

New technology utilized by local municipalities and authorities; to offer municipalities substantial cost-savings
Corodex Industries, a part of Concorde-Corodex group (CCG) today inked a strategic Manufacture under License (MuL) agreement with Biorem Inc. (TSX-V: BRM) of Canada. Biorem Inc is a leading clean technology company that designs, supplies and distributes a comprehensive line of high-efficiency biological-based air emissions control systems. These systems are used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and for the sweetening and conditioning of biogas renewable energy with a target segment that includes municipal sewage pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and solid water treatment facilities.
Under the agreement, Biorem will supply Corodex with proprietary inorganic media to be used in conjunction with Corodex Industries Odor Control Systems. Corodex will work under the design guidance of Biorem, to construct and build the systems in their facilities in the UAE. Elaborating on the technology pertinent to the region, Mohanned Awad, Director of Business Development for Concorde-Corodex Group said: “The current technology is utilized by municipalities across the UAE. Odor Control Systems are usually used in pumping stations and Sewage Treatment Plants and this new technology looks to replace traditional Chemical Scrubbers Odor Control Systems that have high operational and maintenance costs.”

The new system is biological wherein no chemical will be used. Sulfar reducing bacteria and other types of bacteria are employed to remove contaminants from the air stream. There are health and safety benefits in the new system as well, as the traditional one used notoriously difficult to handle chemicals to purify the air streams.

“Biorem produces a superior range of filter media and has installed high-efficiency air emission systems worldwide, with over 700 references (actual site installations) including 36 references in the Middle East. Our technology ensures optimized long-term performance on every application by custom-designing the systems to meet individual needs of our clients. This new relationship will enable us to extend our total capabilities to markets served by Corodex,” said Majdi El Sadek, Area Manager (MENA) for Biorem.

Municipalities across the region would gain substantial cost-savings in their operational and maintenance budgets by adopting the technology. “Municipal authorities in Oman, Qatar, and other countries in the Middle East are interested in this technology. Corodex has invested in a sophisticated state of the art pilot plant that can be placed at sites that require this type of technology to treat a side stream of the nuisance odor and configure an optimized custom solution before up scaling into a large system. This pilot system is now being configured with a client that prefers to keep the trial confidential till the final results,” concluded Awad.



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